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Google Keep is best note services for mobile and PC

Google is an organization that provides many of our services for free. So today I’m going to tell you about a Google app that is actually very old but many of us do not know about it. We can do a lot of work easily with it. This one is Google Keep is a lot like sticky notes in Windows but stick notes we can store on computer desktop wherever we want and Google Keep is what we can access from mobile and online everywhere and save our necessary information and use it again as needed.

a glance at the Let Google keep on what we can do  : 

  1. Easily Copy to Google Docs
  2. Share and Collaborate With Others
  3. The Keep Widget: Always On, Always Live
  4. Transcribe Text From Images
  5. Keep Is Your Own Personal Stenographer
  6. Set Reminders
  7. Filter Search
  8. for our needs notes to save will be
  9.  Sorting for  importance 
  10.  highlighted  by color
  11.  checklist to create a will


Easily Copy to Google Docs

One of the greatest benefits of Keep is its seamless integration with the entire Google ecosystem. That means if you rely heavily on Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Docs, you can easily share items in Keep between platforms, from inside the Keep app or through a Google program that supports Keep.

If you’re in the app, all you have to do is tap an item, select the three-dot menu, and choose Copy to Google Docs. A notification will tell you that the note is being saved, then a new notification will appear with a link to a Google Doc that contains your Google Keep data.



Share and Collaborate With Others

Share and Collaborate With Others

Items in your Keep app can be shared directly with other users without having to go through the typical share menu you may see in other programs. Select a note or image you wish to share and choose the person icon. You will then be able to add a user’s email address or their name from your contacts.

This turns you both into collaborators. Now whenever anyone makes changes to a note, edits will automatically be visible all the people with whom it is shared, though the original owner can revoke access at any time.

The Keep Widget: Always On, Always Live

Add a widget to your phone’s home screen for quick and easy access to your notes. Depending on the size of the widget you choose, recent notes can be viewed right on the home screen without opening the app.

Add the Android widget by long-pressing on any empty space on the phone’s home screen, tapping the Widget button, then selecting Keep. On iOS, swipe right from the home screen into Today View, scroll to the bottom, and tap Edit. Find the Google Keep widget and tap the plus button to add it.


Transcribe Text From Images

Keep on the web can transcribe text from images. Click on an uploaded image, then click the three-dot menu and select Grab image text. All text in the image will then be converted into searchable and editable text.

It’s perfect for digitizing information on business cards, signs of interest, and pieces of paper. You can do the same with handwritten notes, but your mileage may vary depending on the quality of your penmanship.

Keep Is Your Own Personal Stenographer

Ever have an absolutely brilliant idea but didn’t write it down immediately, and then when you finally have a moment, you find that whatever you had in mind is now gone? Are you a journalist in need of an app that can transcribe interviews?

With the Google Keep app, you can dictate a note into your device, and the recording will be transcribed into a searchable, editable note.


Set Reminders

Create a pop-up reminder in Keep, and it will show up across your Google account. Start creating a note like you normally would and click the bell icon.

Set a reminder for a certain date/time or even when you reach a certain location. You will get a notification in your browser or on your phone.

By default, Keep provides you with specific reminder times for quick access, but you can change them. Open the Settings menu and you will be able to change the default time for Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

Filter Search

If you’re using Keep regularly, its workspace is going to get filled up fairly quickly. But this being a Google product, the app’s search smarts are robust.

Tap the search bar at the top of the screen, which will display search categories. Filter by reminders, lists, images, drawings, or links. The app also supports color coding—red for grocery lists and blue for work-related to-do lists, for example—so you can search by hue, as well.


we need notes to save will be able to: 

Google is a play actor to save the separate save button press does not need to easily and we note the white pages click on the notes will be saved and the display will begin to

reminders, to create Can: Usually uses alarms to give reminders. Google Keep has created a very simple method to create by adding a reminder by typing the

I can sort. I can sort the. I can sort thejust to sort   descriptionnotes according to the importance of our workknot by dragging the brait first. I can

highlight the: colorThere is a button to highlight the color with which we highlight our notes. So that we can understand what is more important

to share the work with others: to share  what we are doing with others only with his email address and to know the progress of the work directlya

Createchecklist: required We can create a checklist accordingly and that is when the work is complete it can list the progress of the work by direction 



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