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Manage Multiple Google Accounts on Android device

Manage Multiple Google Accounts on Android device many people have over one Google account and it may well be a wearing expertise attempting to Logout  Google account and login for a different one every single time. we’ve maybe selected these accounts for our totally different necessities like one may well be for private use, another one strictly for work etc. So, we tend to feel the requirement for the flexibleness to access all our accounts while not the uninteresting work in and out of accounts. during this article, we are going to show you the way to manage several Google accounts. Let’s say you’ve got already got one Google account and currently you want to line up Multiple Google Accounts on the Android device. Here is however you’ll be able to use multiple Google accounts on your robot device:

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If you have already got one Google account, head to your robot device’s Home screen and faucet Settings, then Accounts.Multiple Google Accounts on Android device



You’ll see the choice of ‘Add account’ (sometimes with a ‘+’ sign before it) at an all-time low of the screen. faucet Google from the listed accounts that show up. it would be asked of you to substantiate the device parole or your fingerprint.


currently, consequent step for you is to log into your another Google account that you’ll do simply together with your e-mail address, parole and a two-factor authentication code (in case you’ve chosen this setting). A brand-new account also can be created from the initial login screen. once a painless signing-in, your new Google account is going to be established by the humanoid mechanically.

Multiple Google Accounts on Android device


for Multiple Google Accounts on Android device, you can set your Google account knowledge. so as to settle on the account of your preference, return to Accounts from Settings, faucet Google and choose the account that you just wish to manage.Multiple Google Accounts on Android device

Step -5:

If you want to get rid of Associate in Nursing account, faucet the vertical eclipsis icon within the high right corner of the screen and opt for taking away account.


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