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WordPress Test Answer 2019 | 94% Marks

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1. What are WordPress hooks?

  • Setting options available to WordPress administrators.
  • Security functions that run inside WordPress
  • Group of plugins which control WordPress behavior.
  • Ways to change the default behavior of WordPress.

2. Which concept does WordPress use to control user access to different features?

  • Username
  • Access tokens
  • Role
  • Cookies

3. Which of the following is not a default user role in WP?

  • Blogger
  • Authorfreefr
  • Subscriber
  • Contributor

4. Which of the following is not a default image size in WP?

  • Small Size
  • Medium Size
  • Large Size
  • Thumbnail Size

5. Which HTML tags are not allowed to be used in a post comment?

  • code
  • form
  • img
  • strike
  • table

Note: There may be more than one right answer

6. Which WordPress system can be used to temporarily store information?

  • Options
  • Meta tables
  • Transients
  • The REST API

7. Where can you change the Timezone used by WordPress in the dashboard?

  • In Settings > Media
  • In Settings > General
  • In Settings > Reading
  • In Settings > Writing

8. Which constant is NOT recognized in wp-config.php?


9. What is WordPress multisite?

  • Special version of WordPress that can support many sites and is not free.
  • WP configuration feature that supports multiple sites.
  • A WP plugin that supports multiple sites.
  • A popular WP theme that supports multiple sites.

10. What is a permalink?

  • Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual weblog posts, as well as categories and other lists of weblog postings.
  • The numeric IP address of your WordPress site.
  • The complete URL of your WordPress site.
  • A popular WordPress plugin.

11. Where plugins options are stored in WordPress?

  • They are stored in WordPress theme folder.
  • They are stored in WordPress plugins folder.
  • They are stored in WordPress.org and not on your site.
  • They are stored in WordPress Database.

12. What is common to all these functions: next_post, previous_post, link_pages, the_author_url, wp_get_link?

  • They all return URLs
  • They are all deprecated
  • They all point to posts or post lists
  • They all echo something

13. Select all the default taxonomies in WordPress.

  • post_category
  • post_tag
  • link_category
  • product_tag
  • post_format
  • category

Note: There may be more than one right answer

14. How do you enable the Network Setup menu item(enable Multisite) in WordPress?

  • Install WP MU plugin
  • Activate WP Multisite in Settings menu
  • Set WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE as true in wp-config.php
  • WP MU has been discontinued as a separate project so there is no way to set up multisites in WP now

15. Which of the following is true about wp_mail() function?

  • A true return value does not automatically mean that the user received the email successfully.
  • For this function to work, the settings SMTP and smtp_port (default: 25) need to be set in your php.ini file.
  • The default content type allows using HTML.
  • The function can handle only one email as $to parameter.

Note: There may be more than one right answer.

16. Which one of the following files is located in the root of your WordPress installation directory and contains your website’s setup details, such as database connection info?

  • html
  • wp-setup.php
  • wp-config.php
  • wp-install.php

17. ……. are condensed summries of your blog posts

  • blurbs
  • excerpts
  • hints
  • tweets
  • none of the above

18. A WordPress …….. is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a weblog.

  • layout
  • library
  • plug-in
  • theme
  • widget

19. …… make it possible for a person to have one avatar across the entire web.

  • Avatars
  • Gravatars
  • Smileys
  • Widgets
  • None of the above

20. A/an ……. is a globally recognized avatar

  • alies
  • alter ego
  • avatron
  • gravatar
  • site_avatar

21. What is the default table prefix in WP?

  • _wp
  • w_
  • wp_
  • wp-

22. Which of the following is the correct way to register shortcode?

·  function foobar_func ( $atts ){·     return “foo and bar”;·  }

·  new_shortcode( ‘foobar’, ‘foobar_func’ );·  function foobar_func ( $atts ){·     return “foo and bar”;·  }

·  insert_shortcode( ‘foobar’, ‘foobar_func’ );·  function foobar_func ( $atts ){·     return “foo and bar”;·  }·  register_shortcode( ‘foobar’, ‘foobar_func’ );

·  function foobar_func ( $atts ){·     return “foo and bar”;·  }·  add_shortcode( ‘foobar’, ‘foobar_func’ );

23. Which of the following is not a WordPress role?

  • System
  • Subscriber
  • Administrator
  • Editor

24. What can the Contributor role do?

  • Moderate comments
  • Publish posts
  • Edit posts
  • Edit pages

25. What does wp_rand() function?

  • Gets random post ID.
  • Gets random category ID.
  • Generates a random post ID for wp_insert_post() function.
  • Generates a random number.

26. Which of the post type are default in WordPress installation?

  • Post
  • Page
  • blog
  • media
  • archive
  • category

Note: There may be more than one right answer

27. How do you enable debug mode in WP?

  • By going to Dashboard > Settings > General and then enable debug mode
  • By setting WP_DEBUG as true in wp-config.php
  • It is enabled by default

28. Which option allow you to style each list item background or WordPress navigation separately?

·  nav li:nth-child(1).current-menu-item {·     background-color: red;·  }·  nav li:nth-child(2).current-menu-item {·     background-color: blue;·  }·  nav li:nth-child(3).current-menu-item {·     background-color: green;·  }

·  nav li:nth-childs(1).current-menu-item {·     background-color: red;·  }·  nav li:nth-childs(2).current-menu-item {·     background-color: blue;·  }·  nav li:nth-childs(3).current-menu-item {·     background-color: green;·  }

·  nav li:nth-first-child(1).current-menu-item {·     background-color: red;·  }·  nav li:nth-second-child(2).current-menu-item {·     background-color: blue;·  }·  nav li:nth-third-child(3).current-menu-item {·     background-color: green;·  }

  • All of above

29. What are the difference between wp_title and the_title tags?

  • wp_title function is use for inside “The Loop” to display the title of a page. the_title on the other hand is used without “The Loop”.
  • wp_title function is use for outside “The Loop” to display the title of a page. the_title on the other hand is used within “The Loop”.
  • wp_title function is use for inside “The Loop” to display the title of a page. the_title on the other hand is used within “The Loop”.
  • All of the above



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