Basic Html Text Formatting

Basic Html Text Formatting is use for the basic formatting of test it use for underline text, bold, italic, strong, marked text, delete text and inset the test it very important part of the web page because it takes user attraction of specific line and of html page.

Basic Html Text Formatting structuring text first with HTML elements it is possible to be sure your page will nonetheless look good in older browsers which don’t support CSS. If you want to learn to create an internet page, taking the opportunity to understand how to code in HTML (hypertext markup language) will not merely offer you the freedom to update your own web pages, but it is going to also help save you a little money Basic Html Text Formatting, as you’ll have the ability to avoid selecting a professional web designer. By the moment you finish, you will know all you need to know to create beautiful, functional, user friendly websites of any sort. Your website is looking much more convincing now. In the old times of the World Wide Web, web sites weren’t as polished as they’re now.

HTML uses elements like <b> and <i> for formatting output, like bold or italic text.

Formatting elements were designed to display special types of text:

  • <b> – Bold text
  • <del> – Deleted text
  • <em> – Emphasized text
  • <i> – Italic text
  • <ins> – Inserted text
  • <mark> – Marked text
  • <small> – Small text
  • <strong> – Important text
  • <sub> – Subscript text
  • <sup> – Superscript text

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